Moulding of various wood species
We have eight modern moulding machines in the Harelbeekse Houtzagerij, a subsidiary of Omniplex NV , to plane various wood sorts to customers' specifications. Mainly Nordic Pine, but also Tropical Hardwood, is planed to boards, skirting, casings and terrace boards.
Hydromat moulding machines
Each machine performs a different step in our production process. Our operators are skilled professionals with years of experience. They are backed up by a professional lab and grinding shop. Our laboratory ensures that specifications are kept and performs maintenance jobs. Our grinding shop cuts grinding knives to customer's specifications.
WEINIG's professional grade hydromat moulding machines boast 9 to 11 spindles. They are able to pre-shorten and post-shorten, while at the same time splitting and moulding on all sides. The highly automated wood feeding and automatic stacking of planed profiles on pallets enable a rapid and flexible production.
Finishing and customizing
After a quality check, the pallets are transported via automatic conveyors and thoroughly packed. The pallets are then labeled and the necessary certificates of origin are attached. We are now ready to transport our product. We can saw boards and planks to measure and add groove and tooth if necessary on a universal sawing machine. Full bundles can be simultaneously cut to 1 cm precisely.
Waste management
Our environmental waste management system provides for moulding debris and wood shavings to be evacuated to closed containers for storage. Those can in turn be used in the chipboard industry or as floor covering in horse and livestock stables.
Treating wood for ground contact
We are preparing pine wood for ground contact by treating them in the autoclave. Class 1 to 4 treatment ensures better durability.
Treating wood for roof constructions
Wood for roof constructions is steeped in colourless or in green matter in our WTCB-approved steeping tank, preserving the wood from log blue, fungus and deterioration caused by insects. It goes without saying that only environmentally friendly chemicals are used and that the process is carried out in compliance with current legislation. We can provide customers with certificates for treated products, if they so wish.
Transport & Logistics
Collecting and delivering
Our own fleet of five tractors and ten semi-trailers cover 80% of our current transport needs. We also work with various transport companies for collections and deliveries from and to workshops. It is, of course, possible to schedule collection of goods.
Collecting by professional and industrial processors
Wood traders and professional, industrial processing companies can come and collect their order in our main warehouse Leieboorden-Harelbeke and in our warehouse Gentsesteenweg-Harelbeke after consulting with our dispatch office.
Specialized moulding machines
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